Why Boudoir?

Apr 17th, 2017

Why Boudoir?

Well, let’s look up the definition…

BOUDOIR :  a woman’s dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room.

Not what you expected, is it?
To be honest, it’s not what I expected either. Then I thought about it; anyone watch old movies?!
Uh, yeah!! Thats where I learned how to pronounce the word!

Well anyways, I chose to put the definition for a really big reason. In this new path of photography for me, I chose to focus a lot on mastering Boudoir photography. With that decision, came a price…

I guess you could call it, “the price of being discriminated against”. My family was not too excited to hear I was taking photos of practically naked women.

[Their words, not mine].

And to be honest, I’m sick and tired of explaining to people what Boudoir is when they automatically assume it means the P word. YES the PORN word…!

So why am I telling you this? Well, because I want you to develop your own definition of Boudoir, that isn’t the “P” word. I want to show you, and have a conversation with you, about how Boudoir can be comfortable, sexy, glamorous, and empowering.

How can Boudoir be COMFORTABLE?

The first time I did Boudoir for myself, I was more nervous than ever. I was shaking, and almost in tears, and I was just with my best friends! So I get it; how in the world can it be comfortable if you’re half naked in front of this woman and a camera, that you may or may not know very well?!

Number one: I ALWAYS meet with my clients before the session so they can get to know me, and start the process of being comfortable. Who wants a random lady showing up at their house to take photos of them in an intimate way without knowing who they are, right?? My initial sessions are intended for you to get to know me, and how I run my sessions! We will go over outfit options, the day of the shoot, and answer all of your questions, with the intent of making you feel COMFY.

Number two: what are you most comfortable in at home? I know for me its my boy shorts and a comfy sweatshirt. Guess what? Thats Boudoir attire! ….NO JOKE! Its exactly what I wore for my very first shoot. This way I was able to become comfortable in front of the camera, and comfortable in my own skin.

Number three: Boudoir does not mean you have to show all of your skin. If there are parts of you that you are not comfortable with, tell me! Your photos should be the way you want them, and this is all part of being comfortable. If we need to hide a scar or two, thats okay! Thats what being comfortable is all about. Now…the posing may be a little bit of a work out, but I can guarantee the outcome will make you feel beautiful!

So why is Boudoir worth it?? Because it’s FUN! Because it can be what you want it to be! Because I want you to be comfortable!

How can Boudoir be SEXY??

Well, not gonna lie, do I have to explain this one?? Haha! However, let me add: Boudoir is what YOU make it. It isn’t those scrappy bra/barely showing your nipple photos if you don’t want it to be. Sexy to me is being in my man’s sport’s jersey with a pair of cute panties! Sexy for my best friend is a strappy lace bralette with a g-string! Its about what WE define as sexy, not what others, or LOVERS, defines as sexy. So Boudoir is sexy because we are beautiful women showing off our own personal beauty.

How can Boudoir be GLAMOROUS??


With booking an experience you get pampered TO THE MAX! My dream team consists of beautiful and amazing hair and make up artists that have teamed up with me to make you feel GLAM!
My dream team knows exactly how to listen to your wants for your hair style and your make-up look. They will work their magic little fingers to enhance your beauty and show your true essence!


How can Boudoir be EMPOWERING??

All of the previously mentioned things lead up to how Boudoir can be empowering. Boudoir is not only something that makes you feel pretty; Boudoir can be a confidence booster, or a way to bring you out of darkness. Boudoir can also be a motivator or a guiding light. For me was a massive confidence boost.
Now lets get personal. I have a mental health disorder called BDD; it distorts my body image and how I see myself.

But when I did it, I was able to see my body in its true form as a beautiful being. I wasn’t looking in a mirror, and my body wasn’t altered. A camera does not add ten pounds, a camera does not change your body image. A camera shows your true body! And what I saw changed my view. Now, it didn’t heal me, but it helped me understand what I truly look like.

Boudoir is empowering to me because it allows a woman to see themselves in an intimate, beautiful form. Every woman deserves to feel and be beautiful ALL the time, and a session is just the beginning! A boost!

So all in all, this passion I have for working with and helping women comes out in my photography because of the beauty we all deserve to show off. Every woman is beautiful in their own way, and we deserve to have this and cherish this for the rest of our lives. So whether your Boudoir session is sultry, sexy, or comfortable, Boudoir is here to help you feel….no! BE beautiful.

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  • Brittney Valdez
    Apr 9th, 2018 - 12:27 pm - REPLY

    I personally have not yet had a boudoir session with Andrea yet…mine is in the works… 😘😘 but just from reading this, I am even more excited and cannot wait to my session with her! Just reading and seeing all of her posts on Facebook makes me love her enthusiasm and personality even though we have never met! She truely understands the beauty in all women and I love that! Cannot wait to get to share this amazing experience with her! 

  • Andrea
    Apr 9th, 2018 - 9:36 pm - REPLY

    AWWW thank you so so much. 🙂 Your a sweetheart I cannot wait to meet you as well and have an amazing experience!