Veni, Vini, Amari…

Veni, Vini, Amari…

We Came, We Saw, We Loved…

I found this quote on Pinterest not to long ago. When I saw it I immediately felt a connection with this style of photoshoot.

Recently, I wanted to try something new. That something new was couples intimate sessions. These sessions I wanted to show real personality and emotion of two people in love. It was important to me to do these sessions in a place that they felt most comfortable because I wanted them to be real and candid.

First, Sarah and Taylor B. recently allowed me into their home to take photos of them in their “natural habitat”. Then Jessi and Chelsea allowed me to come into their live as well.

Being in this setting was more than exciting, it was magical. The outcome of photographing two people in love in their own home was amazing!! I was able to take intimate photos that represented their love. The love that they share together. These sessions make love feel like home, and not a place.

So what do you mean by intimate…?

What does intimate mean to you?

I think that it is so important that intimate is discussed and understood before the session even begins. “Why?” you ask? I do pre-session consults to clear all the mucky stuff up like this question. It is important to have the couple define what “Intimate” means to them so that things don’t get…welllll awkward I guess you could say.

Some couples may want to get more sensual, some may want to get more comfy and cozy. It is important to understand the couple before going to the session!

Sarah and Taylor’s love was just as unique as Jessi and Chelsea’s! This was important.

I want YOU AND ME to feel comfortable with the experience. It is important that couples understand the session, and understand who I am in order to make a decision wether or not to book their session with me!