Real Woman Kat

Apr 4th, 2018

This post is extremely special to me.

Kat was my very first boudoir client ever!! Kat however was not unfamiliar working with me. She had already been featured on my business cards, and all my social media sites! She inspired me to write these “Real Women” blog posts.

So, let me start by introducing the Real Woman, Real Boudoir Blog! If you have experienced a boudoir session with me, you know that you get a questionnaire at the beginning and the end. These are for a reason, not only do they help me develop better boudoir experience for you, but they also allow me to share stories for women to know what boudoir is actually like.

So here is Kat’s story!

To start off, Kat came to our boudoir session with some amazing pieces! Which included beautiful floral kimonos and comfy sweaters. She was also brave enough to change in the woods and become completely vulnerable.

She states:

“I really enjoyed experiencing vulnerability on a whole new level. It’s a different experience. I have had this body my entire life and it’s ever changing. Boudoir helps me celebrate those changes.”
The vulnerability that Kat mentions has really initiated conversation for me and all my boudoir ladies. It’s a special intimate moment for each and every woman. It was important that these stories get shared so that others may understand the experience is truly celebratory.

When asked what made Kat push herself to do a boudoir session she says

“Leap of faith. Truly. There’s a level of trust and encouragement that needs to be provided by the photographer. It’s a relationship so to speak and the environment needs to feel safe and relaxed or comfortable. I had worked with Andrea before and she helped me feel beautiful and empowered. I knew I could be imperfect and she’d use her talent to show me how beautiful imperfection could be.”
So many women feel so unsure about doing boudoir, but Kat puts her experience perfectly

“I always felt like boudoir had to be a studio setting or “sexy.” This made me incredibly nervous. Anyone who knows me knows that I may play different characters (some that ARE “sexy”), but when it comes to my true authentic self, I’m silly and awkward. I feel consistently unsure of myself. When I talked to Andrea I expressed my love for the ocean/forest and she helped me realize how many different ways I could be photographed via boudoir. I now know that boudoir isn’t just one style. It’s a really big genre that is flexible to anyone’s needs/desires. There’s no pressure to be sexy or beautiful. All you have to do is be yourself. I learned it’s about the celebration of you.”

She gives some great advice to those that may be nervous themselves!

“I think explaining that it’s a celebration of you and that society pressures do not apply. There is no wrong way. This is about loving yourself.”
She explains her experience opening up her gallery for the first time

“I was nervous and shocked. I was surprised by how many photos I was happy with. We are our worst critics ya know? Boudoir, I realized, wasn’t about criticizing your body, but finding ways to appreciate it and see it’s beauty.”
Kat is a humble soul and truly believed that her session was empowering and beautiful!
Thank you Kat for sharing your experience and being an amazing human!
Kat Boudoir