Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Oct 27th, 2016

December 2015 I had one of the most amazing opportunities I could have at this point in my life

I was able to travel to Puerto Rico.

Having never been to a tropical place (besides Florida but does that even count?) I felt like I was in a magical unknown world. At this point I had never even been to Mexico. It was an amazing experience that allowed me to try new things, and work on some very different photography for me.

The purpose of visiting the magical land of Puerto Rico was to pursue one step on my academic journey and in the meantime was able to capture amazing moments of the beautiful island.

I am truly blessed to have been able to see such amazing places and to have been given the chance to go and meet amazing people as well. This new experience was eye opening. The culture is expressed in so many ways, the colors, the people the language and the food! One regret is not taking photos of my food! WHAT was I thinking?! But the art I experienced was amazing and breathtaking along the Caribbean skyline.

My forever friends changed my life!

I was given the chance to reflect and walk around the city and see the many aspects of Puerto Rican Life.

From Abandoned buildings, to gorgeous mansions the culture was truly fascinating. A mix of hispanic, American and European influence seen all around me.

Never having been to an island, nor somewhere tropical, palm trees were fascinating. I was able to see the beauty of island beaches like I never have before. Along with cemetery’s along the beaches! Again Puertro Rican cultures were expressed around every corner in every brush of paint.

The Wild life is amazing!! and the plant life stunning. But most of all, the reflection I was able to have was the most amazing feeling I could have ever experienced. If anyone ever gets the chance, go and reflect on a beach somewhere in the world on your own!