Feel the Love

Popping the Question…

Feb 26th, 2017

The Holidays are THE MOST popular time of year for that “Special Question” to be popped.

Soon GUESS WHAT TIME IT IS! Its time to start thinking about wedding season!

As I sit here, trying to decide how to write this blog post, I believe I have watched maybe 10 engagement ring commercials roll through in the past hour!!

…[While watching a Back to the Future Marathon on TNT…Seems like an odd time of year for that, anywayyysss].


Have you:

Thought about getting engaged this holiday season?

Thought about popping the question?



If so guess whats next…. The planning, the dress, the crazy in laws….Hold on tight.

A crucial part of planning a wedding is finding the right photographer for you!

Have you popped the question of:

“Who are we going to hire as a photographer”

Some couples do not realize this decision may be one of the most important decisions they make about their special day for a variety of reasons. Some of which include:

~Photos last a lifetime

You want your photos to last you, and you want to always be happy with them. If you pick a “friend” or a family member that knows “knows how to use a camera” You run the risk of missing photos of moments you may want to remember. Additionally, digitals, prints, whatever your photographer is offering is very important! Because those photos will last you a lifetime!

~Pictures are worth a thousand words

Understanding that a photographer is an artist is key, you want to see your photos and be able to relive that day over and over again. I recently did a wedding and a week after sending the photos off to the bride and groom I got a second thank you letter from them stating “You allowed us to relive that dream day over and over again because it was all a blur the day it happened we can now slow down and relive that day.”

Chosing the right photographer is important. So am I the right photographer for you? That is for you to decide. I believe in capturing the moments that mean the most in an artist but emotional way. I believe that every moment is important. By allowing me to photograph you’re wedding you will receive photos that tell a story. Photos that express emotion over and over again that you felt on your special day.

Now, I understand that my style may not be for everyone! So I always encourage my brides to continue to look before settling on me. I want your special day to be truly special! I know that when I get married I wouldn’t want a photographer to do the same exact work I do! Because my style of photography is unique to my art, but not what I want for my own special day. INTERESTING huh?


So please! If you interested in working with me to express the emotion and excitement of your special day, click. the CONTACTbutton above or fill in the form below!
and send me a message!! Also check out INVESTMENT for more details and to see my special note to couples 🙂