Monte Christo Clothing Co.

Some days you get to meet people that you vibe with!

Some days you get to work with the people you vibe with!

And when that happens you feel overwhelmed with passion and feeling like you’ve found your place in your work.

I am currently taking a class on career counseling, sounds very boring I know. But this week something happened in class that made me realize I needed to make a change. I love going to school and I have a passion for counseling, however I began to understand that in order to be happy, I needed to do what made me happy.


Learning this in class, and meeting Christo made me realize I needed to leave my job and do this full time. So guess what….


That was one of the biggest things I could have ever done. But guess what is coming out of it…MAGIC.

I recently met Christo at the gym. Not knowing he wanted to build an empire with his clothing business. Monte Christo Clothing Co. is Christo’s dream, his passion, his empire. When we met we had NOT IDEA we would be starting something amazing. We began talking and developing something amazing.

Want to see the outcome?!

Ahhh I guess I will let you…

Please visit MonteChristoClothing.com to order if you love his stuff! Cause I know I do! And its so soft! He also made me my own shirts with my own logo! and I love them!!