Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness

May 23rd, 2017

The month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month

This month is an important month to many. Not only those that have been impacted themselves, and those who are impacted by others. In My life mental health awareness month is meaningful not only have I been directly impacted by mental health, but because I am also working on a degree in mental health counseling.

I believe, Mental health is not something that should be hidden it needs to be discussed and expressed.

Research by NAMI states that 1 in 5 adults have experienced a mental illness in their lifetime. This research is strong indicator that almost everyone is affected by mental health at some point in their lives.

Although I do not believe that the stigma of mental health will never go away. However, Every year awareness grows and more and more people begin to understand the impact it has one everyone. Therefore, my mission to feel fulfilled is to guide the mental health awareness movement through art.

The following quote really speaks to the idea of the Mental Health Stigma!
It should not be shameful to talk about how we are feeling, these are real issues just like medical concerns. It is critical that we are open to talking to everyone about the concerns they face every day.

Mental Health is not something we should be hiding from. The more we talk about it, the more it is possible to help people through these tough times.

Its never, “Just in your head”

Its more than that.

Be. Aware.

Be open to listening.

Even if you don’t understand LISTEN.

Do not  to just let slide. It should not be something to be afraid of. Lets talk.

From my personal experience once I embraced my struggles I began to feel stronger and ready to take on the world.

The major way I began to embrace and cope with my struggles was through my art! Creating art that I can share with the world! I have started a project inspired by mental health awareness. It is important to bring awareness and to knock down the stigma that mental health is bad.

To show you my expression and my interpretation, here is a session that really spoke to me about how my anxiety often makes me feel….Although the photos are not of me, I was able to express how I felt through the art of photography. I am not good with words. Therefore, blogging is often hard for me. But I hope the these images evoke feelings and emotion through these images.

The natural wind and water is how I feel on the downfall of an anxiety attack. It is important for me to express this because I want the world to know its not a place of deep despair but can also be beauty.

Finally, my hope is that through the next couple months my art can be used as a way for people with their emotional struggles to show their trueness and realness without fear and apprehension. I cannot wait to show you all the journey I am taking through mental health awareness. Stay tuned for the final project!!!

This shoot features
Hair by Areca: Color and Styling

Model: Hannah Harkleroad