Instagram Filters

Filters? No…No

Apr 11th, 2017

Dear Client,

You have put an Instagram filter on my image…. 🙁

Have I not met your standards? Have I not made your photographs “instagram-y” enough?


Well then why have you altered my image?

Please explain?


Your Photographer.

Honestly though, why? When you chose a photographer to capture moments in your life, you chose them because you like their style. Am I wrong?

Now, I want to say something first; I LOVE filters, they’re fun! And they can make your Instagram your own. However, is it not your own when you post an image that you hired someone to take?

I know I am asking a lot of questions from you, but I want to know.

It has come up many times recently where clients of mine, paying and trade, have put “Instagram” filters on work I have seen from myself AND other photographers. I want to know why? Because it sure feels like a shot to the heart.

When I take your photograph, I take the time and effort to edit and make them beautiful for you to keep forever and ever. When you alter them I think to myself, “Well why did I take the time to edit these?! Why didn’t I just send you all the photos without editing them, so you can apply filters yourself?”.

I try very hard to believe that clients do not mean to do it, they just want their Instagrams to stay consistent. But I cannot deny it; it hurts.

One thing people ask me is, “Well if I paid for them isn’t it my photo?”

Well yes. But no. It’s still my art that you’re buying, therefore you are buying the photo as a piece of art. It would be like putting a filter on a Van Gogh, Andy Warhol, or a Rembrandt. I put my heart into making art for you, so why have you changed that?

Okay, now some of you are probably panicking and getting worried, and I understand.

So maybe you didn’t know!! Which I understand!! REALLY I DO!

Heres another reason why it is a big deal. When you hired me you are becoming one of my biggest marketing sources. When your friends, family, social media acquaintance, etc. see my work on your page and like it, they want to know who took those beautiful photos of yours. ME! Right?! You wouldn’t lie and tell them you did, would you?

{Goodness I hope not}

So when you put a filter on my image, that gives them a false idea of what my images look like until they go out and actually see what my work is like. But at first glance it’s your image…that I took.

So before you go and put an Instagram filter on a photographer’s art work, please remember this.

That Sepia Tone filter is not what I intended for your bright pink and green wedding, or your high school senior yearbook photo. So please take it down before I go DOWN IN THE DM.

**Following image is a model image, she did not put a filter on this image, I did it myself to demonstrate the different. Please also note that this image took time to complete, the filter took me two seconds….not art.**